Adam Janeček


Becoming a bricklayer was actually a coincidence. But now, with time, I'm so glad that it happened like that, and that I got a chance to work at Metrostav.

Adam was supposed to be a professional footballer. Everything in his life was subjected to football, including the choice of high school. However, he fell ill with borreliosis, and his career was over. Adam enrolled in the Metrostav scholarship program and began to discover that he was enjoying the craft. After getting an apprenticeship, he joined the railway tunnel project, producing precise concrete parts of the tunnel lining.

In the beginning, I was a little worried about how everything would go and what the workers would think of me, but it was unnecessary. My colleagues were great – and I'm not saying that just for nothing. They accepted me, helped me, and I found new friends among them, though some of them are a generation older.

Civil engineering proved to be close to Adam’s heart and he decided to continue studying it. He studies at a high school via distance learning and he has further plans. He works on six-day shifts and thanks to that he has time to prepare for university entrance exams.

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