Ing. Jiří Růt


When I joined Metrostav a year ago, I did not expect to get a big foreign project so quickly. It’s a huge experience.

During his studies, Jirka assembled air-conditioning under a subcontract for the construction of a residential building. There, one foreman from Metrostav approached him with a job offer for a student position. He thus joined division 6 for a weir construction project, but as he studied geotechnics, he agreed with Metrostav that after graduation he would move over to division 5, which deals with tunnel excavation. Soon after he finished his studies, he was given the opportunity to go to Finland for a tunnel project.

I was very lucky regarding both people and orders. In a small company, I would probably never have gained insight into how a big order functions, what its system is. I also realized how important it is to put together a good team, so that everyone fulfills his or her role. Now I’m going to Norway for another project, so I hope I will make an impression there as well.

In Norway he will work on excavation of a tunnel, part of a city bypass near Oslo. He is curious about the differences between the Finnish and Norwegian mentality and he is also looking forward to experiencing the nature there. He has already found a nearby lake and packed a neoprene. In his free time, he wants to train for another triathlon.

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