Tomáš Buchal


I've always wanted to work with big machines and my dream came true. The finisher for laying concrete covers that I'm working with on the D1 motorway, is one of the most state-of-the-art machines for road construction.

Tomáš has liked machines since childhood, but he did not want to spend his entire life in the production hall. When he came across an offer to get an engineer apprenticeship at Metrostav, to have a guaranteed job and the opportunity to work on various construction projects, he liked the idea and, despite the slight skepticism of his father, he joined the program. He does not regret his decision.

Already at school, it was great receiving a scholarship, having a free hostel, and going on excursions where others would never go. After joining the company, I found out that I really had a lot to learn, but the guys took me under their wings and were patient with me. I already have a machinery license for operating concrete finishers, and I really appreciate it, because not everyone has this license. If you want something ...

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