Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Steps in Metrostav 

  • Curriculum
  • Telephone
  • Interview
  • Arrangement
    of Conditions
  • Enrollment

We Value Your Interest

If you want to join our ranks:

  1. Sign up for a specific vacant position or register yourself in our database and send us your curriculum vitae as well as any other documents you might think relevant for the selected position. We will go over your documents carefully. We will contact you in the course of 14 days and suggest further steps.
  2. Before the interview itself, we will contact you by telephone you and provide you with details on the position and give you an opportunity to ask questions.
  3. The standard selection procedure is performed in the form of an interview, usually attended by a human resources manager and your future supervisor. We will ask you not only about your experience and knowledge, but also in your plans, goals and interests. The interviews usually last a minimum of 45 minutes. We do appreciate well prepared applicants.
  4. We will let you know as soon as possible about the outcome of the selection process. Before enrollment, we will agree on the conditions of your employment, such as workplace, remuneraton and employee benefits. You will also need to undergo a medical examination and sign the relevant documents.
  5. We want you to feel good working for us, and so every new employee gets an adaptation plan and has an allocated patron who acts as their guide during the first months.

Job Offers

If you have not found a suitable position, but you are still interested in working with us, you can submit your contact information to our database. If there are positions that match your requirements and qualifications, we will be in touch with you.

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