Metrostav to Build Bridge over Åstfjorden Fjord in Norway

  • 11. 10. 2017 | source:
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Metrostav's new contract in the Snillfjord Region on the west coast of Norway, some 50 kilometers from Trondheim, is the fourth project that will be executed by the largest Czech construction company in this Nordic country. The venture will include the relocation of a road and two tunnels, Slordal and Mjones, which are 2,745 and 745 meters long, respectively. From the engineering viewpoint, the most interesting part of the project will be a bridge over the Åstfjorden Fjord, because it will be the first time Metrostav will build a structure of this kind. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2018, with completion planned in the fall of 2020. 

Krokstadøra, October 11, 2017

Worth over CZK 2.2 billion, the project will be executed by a consortium consisting of Metrostav and the local company Bertelsen & Garpestad. The two partners are currently building a bypass around the Norwegian city of Kongsberg. "Even though we have been working in Scandinavia since as early as 2006, a contract abroad always carries higher risks. Because of that, all of our foreign ventures are executed with local partners," explained the Metrostav Group's Head of Foreign Operations Václav Soukup. Metrostav's share in the project amounts to approximately 60%. 

Without contracts abroad, Metrostav would face difficulties in finding work for its specialized workforce and machinery. In the Czech Republic, the only large underground project currently under way is the Ejpovice Rail Tunnel. In view of the situation and despite the risks involved, Metrostav has decided to expand to other countries, where the availability of construction projects is greater. At the same time, however, Metrostav faces tough competition from local companies and multinational construction groups. Nonetheless, the current contract shows that the Czech company is able to prevail. Apart from Norway, Metrostav is working on projects in Belarus, Finland, Germany, Iceland and Poland. 

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