Metrostav increased its pre-tax profit 172%, keeping a leader position on the Czech construction market for the ninth year in a row

  • 16. 05. 2019 | source:
  • Press Release

Prague, May 16th, 2019 - Metrostav Group remained a leader of the Czech construction market for the ninth year in a row. The total operating income reached 1,368.5 mil. EUR which represents a 12.5 % year-over-year growth. Almost three fifths of the revenue created by the Metrostav Group companies led by Metrostav a.s., the parent company, was created on foreign markets, mainly in Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia but also, for example, in UK, USA or Canada. Consolidated profit before tax 35.6 mil. EUR, a 172 % year-over-year increase.  

The total value of the assets of Metrostav Group was 1,224.4 mil. EUR by the end of the year 2018, which is 14 % higher than the year before. In current assets there was an increase in receivables and other current assets, the non-current assets saw an increase in investment property. The total equity grew by 5.5 %.

The General meeting approved to pay its shareholders 6.6 mil. EUR. This represents a dividend of 0.84 EUR per share, the same as in 2017.   

The shareholders elected Ing. Radim Čáp, Ph.D. and Ing. Daniel Knotek as members of the Board for the next four-year period and Ing. Jindřich Hess, Ph.D. and Ing. František Potisk as members of the Supervisory Board for the next four-year period.

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