Afgentinská Office Building

Commercial construction
Prague 7 Holešovice

Office building with a dominant element - three sloping columns supporting the corners at the level of the set-back floors.

Basic information

Project Investor:

BC Argentinská s.r.o.

Project Designer:

Metroprojekt Praha a.s.

Project Duration:

10/2017 – 07/2019


An office building with two underground and seven above-ground floors, with a machine room extension on the roof, where there is also an air-conditioning machine room, technical equipment of the building, a walking terrace and a terrace with greenery. 

The majority of the street facades is formed by glazed facades, divided by vertical slats. The part of the facades overlapping the adjoining buildings are visually formed by "brick" cladding. 

The Project in Numbers

  • 6 954,7 m2Gross floor area of the above-ground parts
  • 29 m Height of the building
  • 35 000 m3 Enclosed space:

Exceptional Nature of Project

The building was designed using the BIM program (AUTODESK REVIT).