Title Municipal swimming hall Louny

Commercial construction

The project included the construction of a swimming hall with swimming pools, water slide, whirlpool, wellness and gym.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Město Louny

Project Designer:

DK architekti s.r.o.

Project Duration:

11/2018 – 06/2020


The contract also included the demolition of the existing retaining wall with a staircase and the construction of a car park for visitors' vehicles. The contract included the implementation of a reinforced concrete monolithic structure, ALU bond facade, glazed facade, technical health installations, central heating, electrical and MaR, truss construction (glued trusses), HVAC, tiles, pool technology, wellness technology, water slide and interior equipment.

The Project in Numbers

  • 2 056 m2 Built-up area  
  • 17 282 m2 Built-up space 
  • 500 m2 Water area 

Exceptional Nature of Project

The project has been nominated for the Building of the Year 2021 award.