Asphalt Roads

The main activity of the centre is the laying of asphalt mixtures during renovation and construction of roads. The centre, with its vast experience in the transport project sector, relies on professional technicians and experienced workers. Among the basis of its high-quality work is the state-of-the-art machinery, headed by Vögele finishers and Bomag and Hamm tandem rollers. The laying of asphalt mixtures includes especially motorway and road surfaces, but the centre focuses on a wide range of construction and services including:

  • Local roads and pavements
  • Car parks, industrial areas, sports complexes and forest roads
  • Sewerage, culverts
  • Road milling, cold and hot recycling
  • Machine laying of road bases

For the Technology of Asphalt Roads, We Use

This Technology Has Been Successfully Used in the Following Projects

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