Earth-moving Operations

The Earth-moving Operations Centre provides a comprehensive implementation of earth-moving operations for transport, building and water supply structures and is the bearer of this important in-house technology. The centre performs earth-moving operations on linear structures (motorways, roads, railways), including the implementation of uncemented road construction layers and the construction of sewerages. The centre also deals with excavations, disposal and backfilling of pits of solitary objects.

The centre uses the latest technologies to ensure a high degree of accuracy and speed of implementation. With the Trimble system for set-out survey and building constructions, there are significant savings of geodetic works and the machinery productivity is increased. This levelling 3D GPS and UTS technology is mainly used for road beds of transport projects, road construction layers and utility networks.

For Earth-moving Operations Technology, We Use

CAT D6N Dozer with 3D levelling

Width of the blade
3.27 m
Specific pressure 52.3 kPa
Weight 16 507 kg
Blade capacity 3.16 - 4.28 m3
Engine power 132 kW

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