Steel Structures

The steel structures operation is able to ensure overall implementation of steel structures from processing of production documentation to production itself, corrosion protection, delivery and assembly.

The operation is based in above-standard equipped factory buildings, where it is able to realize assembly up to 80 m and individual parts up to 40 m. Annual production capacity is over 4,500 tons. The equipment includes cranes with a load capacity up to 25 tons, which can be coupled to a load capacity of 50 tons, and space of 5 x 40 m for surface treatment. The production technologies include, among others, blasting with a continuous blasting machine, plasma and oxygen flame cutting, cutting of the material by band saw, and welding works using the 111, 121, 135, 136 and 783 welding methods. An important and multi-purpose part of the equipment array for the production of steel structures is the automated CNC sawing-drilling centre.

The Operation is Mainly Focused on:

  • Road and railway bridge technology
  • Pipeline bridges
  • Large-capacity stable tank systems
  • Reconstruction of energy units
  • Roof large-area structures
  • Large space halls
  • Construction of technological industrial equipment including assembly of technology
  • Technological pipelines

Production Options of Operation:

Quality Control (non-destructive)

  • Ultrasonic tests
  • Magnetic tests
  • Penetration tests

Preparation of Production

  • Blasting – continuous
  • Dividing the metallurgical material (burning, cutting, machining, cutting, forming)

Factory Puildings

  • 2 buildings 18m × 80m
  • Capacity 5,500 tons/year

Surface Treatment

  • Blasting – manual, by steel grit
  • Coatings
  • Metal coating

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