Utility Networks

Metrostav has specialized operational centres in the field of construction of utility networks and linear structures. Via these centres, Metrostav controls the technologies of sewer masonry, small mined tunnels, sewerage tunnel pipework, water piping, low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure gas pipelines, local piping and connections.

Specialized Centres Realize:

  • Repairs, reconstruction and construction of new water mains and connections up to the connection to the property (by excavation or pipe jacking), including installation of water-meter shafts and connection to the water-meter
  • Remediation, reconstruction and construction of new excavated sewers from both classic (brick, stoneware) and new materials (Hobas, PVC, concrete, etc.) by both excavation and mining, including sewer connections
  • Walling of sewers of all sizes and objects on sewers, including technology (flaps, dampers, screens, etc.)
  • Small-profile tunnel milling up to the 20 m2 profile manually by means of pick hammers or machine technology (ITC, small excavators, track and wheel dumpers)
  • Excavation of shafts in a mining manner up to a depth of 40 m using machine technology (OVJ, AD, etc., rotary excavator with a grab)
  • Mining and complete construction of collectors, including reconstruction of steel structures
  • Implementation of relocations, new lines, repairs of existing gas pipelines, construction of regulation stations
  • Construction of gas pipelines, both steel with PE insulation, and plastic PE pipes. The construction of steel gas pipelines is carried out by the method of arc welding of pipelines. For the construction of gas pipelines from PE pipes, either electrical bends or welding by the “end-to-end” method are used. For the arc welding method of steel piping, our centre is equipped with Lorch welding machines, and we have George Fischer welding machines for welding plastic pipes.
  • With our own capacity, we also provide all earth-moving operations, masonry work and preliminary work. We have Hitachi belt excavators, Terex and JCB backhoe loaders, Tatra and Mercedes trucks and small construction machinery.

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